Tri State Hydraulics

Customer Benefits

Setting new standards

Developing products with major global partners is helping RMI to meet tough, self-imposed targets for energy consumption and the reduction of carbon emissions. In fact, RMI's continuous product development programme is driven by this commitment. Our intelligent expert control systems provide total flexibility in the configuration and optimisation of system performance as operating conditions change, and we've developed exclusive technologies such as the RMI unloading valve which delivers unmatched reliability and constant pressure.

Environmental Responsibility

We view industry regulations and standards as the minimum acceptable for our customers and their employees, and strive for continuous improvement to eliminate risk. We continue to research and develop designs that reduce decibel output to the lowest levels possible. Where necessary, full acoustic enclosures can be supplied to meet site targets. Working with clients to reduce the impact of emissions is a key driver for our business and we take our global responsibility very seriously.


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Operator health and safety - and elimination of time lost through accidents - are of paramount importance. We exceed the requirements of all international safety standards and, to ensure that we never compromise safety in the pursuit of performance, we have specialist engineers who focus entirely on operational safety. RMI equipment complies with underground and fire safety regulations in the EC, USA, Australia, China, Russia and all other major markets.

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