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Tie-Rod Hydraulic Cylinde

Tie-Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

Tie-Rod Hydraulic Cylinder 2500 PSI. Tie-Rod heavy duty design. These cylinders are made for use in such types of mobile equipment as rugged agriculture, recycling, forestry and construction. Tie-Rod cylinders provide value pricing without sacrificing efficiency. Ductile iron clevis ends high quality seals allow Magister Hydraulics cylinders to work in extreme conditions. Every single tie-rod cylinder is put through testing before its release. Production operates under ISO 9001:2008. Ductile iron clevis ends create extra durability for heavy duty applications. Rod end clevis item allows extra customization due to its internal thread. Contact us with any questions regarding Hydraulic Cylinder Clevis at (844) – MAGISTER.

  • Applications:  Tie-rod Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Tube:  Honed cold drawn tube
  • Rod:  High tensile ground & polished hard chrome plated rod
  • Gland:  Precision threaded gland with wear rings for long life
  • Piston:  High tensile steel
  • Base end:  Ductile iron clevis end mount
  • Rod end:  Screw-on ductile iron clevis item
  • Piston seals:  High quality compact seals for excellent performance
  • Rod seals:  Standard polyurethane rod seal with inner O-ring, POM-C wear rings with rod wiper
  • Warranty:  2 year limited warranty
  • Pressure:  2500 PSI
  • Color:  Black.