Tri State Hydraulics


Linear position sensor / absolute magnetostrictive / for narrow installation
50 - 3 000 mm, 10 - 20 µm | EP/EL


MTS Sensor Technologie's EP and EL are position sensors in line with the Temposonics® E-Series position sensors. These tools come with digital SSI and CAN output, and are suitable for limited space applications. The EP model has a rugged aluminum housing that provides reliable service in harsh environments of industrial applications. It detects positions either via a magnet slider, which moves over the profile bar, or with a free running U-shaped or block magnet. The EL type is made with a low profile aluminum housing. The slim low-profile version has been updated for applications in which tight mounting space is a critical factor. In addition, EP and EL models can be used as alternatives to reed-chain based sensors in textile machines.