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HydroAire Service, Inc.

When the performance of your business relies on the performance of a pump, you need reliability, and longevity. But even the best pumps still need upgrades, retrofits or repairs from time to time.

When that time comes, making the right pump repair choice can prove to be crucial for long-term pump equipment reliability.

Hydro offers a broad range of pump rebuilding and engineering services in the power generation, petroleum, steel, paper, and municipal markets. Our mission is:

 "Working hand in hand with our customers to optimize the performance and reliability of their pumping systems."

With our strong focus on engineering, we have pioneered many specialized repair processes, reliability improvements, and engineering upgrades. As an independent company, Hydro offers unbiased engineered analysis. 

Hydro's comprehensive services include:

  • Quality pump rebuilding

  • Engineered upgrades

  • Customer-engineered replacement parts

  • Field Service

  • Turnkey Services

  • On-site pump performance testing

  • Nuclear pump services

Experience with Most Major Manufacturers

  • Bingham (Sulzer)

  • Byron Jackson

  • Flygt

  • Ingersoll Rand 

  • KSB

  • Nagle

  • Pacific (Dresser)

  • Peerless

  • Union 

  • United

  • Worthington

 Experience with Most Steel Mill Pumps

  • Blast Furnace Recycle

  • Boiler Feed Water

  • Central Hydraulics

  • Charging Liquor

  • Descaling

  • Drainage Sumps

  • Flume Flush

  • Main Plant Water Intake

  • Plant Service Water

  • Scale Pit 

  • Scalping Pit

  • Sewage Lift Stations


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