Tri State Hydraulics

Custom Built


"Assemble to Order" means you can choose a base pump with gas, air, or electric motor.  Then select the proper valve, gauge, pressure control, motor control & reservoir. You get a two-stage pump that gives high volume for fast cylinder approach (and return with double-acting cylinders) in the first stage & high pressure in the second stage.

1.  1 1/8 HP UNIVERSAL MOTOR  These motors start under full load and are suitable for operation up to 5000 to 10000 psi.  The motor is 1 1/8 hp, 12000 rpm, 115 to 230 volt (specify), 50/60 cycle A.C. single phase (25 amp draw at 115V).  With proper valve they can be used with single- or double-acting clyinders.  Remote control available.

2.  1 1/2 HP JET MOTOR, SINGLE & THREE-PHASE  Feature low noise level, moderate speed for long service and are ideal for fixed applications.  Motor is 1 1/2 HP, 3450 rpm, 115 & 230 volt, 50 or 60 cycle (specify) A.C. single phase with thermal overload switch.  Can be used with single- or double-acting cylinders & equipped with remote control.  Also available in 230/460 volt, three-phase specify.

NOTE:  These do not start under full load unless valve is in "neutral" (requires open or tandem control valve) and are not recommended for frequent starting & stopping.

3.  3 HP JET MOTOR , THREE-PHASE  Gives low noise level & long life due to its moderate operating speed.  Ideal for fixed installations.  Consists of basic 10000 psi pump, jet pump motor: 3 hp, 3450 rpm, 230/460 volt, 60 or 50 cycle (specify) A.C. threephase, with thermal overload switch.  Equipped with internal & external relief valve.  Will start under load.

4.  4 HP AIR MOTOR  This pump is ideal for use where electricity is unavailable or cannot be used.  The 5000 or 10000 psi pump has a 3 hp air driven motor at 3000 rpm (optimum performance based on 80 psi air pressure & 50 cfm at the pump).  You can drive single- or double-acting cylinders with the correct valve.

NOTE:  80 psi air supply required to start under full load.

5.  GASOLINE ENGINE  This version is perfect when electricity & air are unavailable.  It is capable of continuous operation at full pressure.  Consists of basic 10000 psi pump, 4-cycle Briggs & Stratton (Diamond Edge), gasoline engine, developing 6 hp.  As with all these pumps, this unit can be valved for use with either single- or double-acting cylinders.