Tri State Hydraulics

PE21: Electric 2 Speed

PE 21 Series
Up to 75 Ton 22 cu. in./min.

  • Totally enclosed, fan cooled induction motor: 1 hp, 1,725 rpm, 60 Hz, single phase. Thermal overload protection.

  • Remote control, with 10 foot cord is standard on pumps with solenoid valves. Manual valve pumps have "Stop", "Start" and "Run/Off/Pulse" switches. Pump controls are moisture and dust resistant.

  • Motor drip cover with carrying handles and lifting lug.

  • Low noise level of 70 dBA@ 10,000 psi.

  • In the event of electrical interruption, pump shuts off and will not start up until operator presses the pump start button.

  • 24 volt control circuits on units with remote controls provide additional user/operator safety.

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