Tri State Hydraulics

BSF Suction Filters


The Behringer® BSF Series Suction Filters are designed to protect you
sensitive pump applications. The fluid flows directly from the reservoir to
the inlet side of the filter. Once inside the filter, the fluid flows through a
dual element. The dual element design allows for 4-times the filtering area
of competitor designs. This allows a smaller, much more compact unit,
with higher flow rates and a lower initial pressure drop.

The filter has an integral bypass located in the
filter head. Because the bypass in located in
the filter head, the bypassed flow does not pass
over the contaminated element. This greatly re-
duces the risk of dumping contamination from the
dirty side to the downstream side through the by-
pass. This is a critical feature in helping to prevent                         pump cavitation and/or excessive pump wear or                            failure.


  • 3 Different Outlet port locations allow for maximum flexibility in installation.

  • Lightweight cast aluminum construction

  • Cleanable, Re-Usable Dual-Stage filter element. This design allows for 4x                     the flow rate of a similarly sized single-stage element.

  • Bypass located in the filter head to reduce possibility of contamination                     b being pushed through the bypass.

  • Vacuum indicator option to signal element capacity and to alert of impend-                  ing bypass.

  • 8 Different flow sizes available for maximum flexibility of selection and                         sizing.

  • Optional Viton O-Rings for fluid compatibility

  • Any combination of outlet ports B, C, and D allow for even greater system               flexibility.


Two types of vacuum contamination indicators are available. The automatic-reset                         visual "pop-up" type indicator has a red button that trips to signify that the filter                         element has reached capacity and that there is an impending bypass. The "Lock-                          ing" type indicator does not automatically reset when indicator conditions return                       to normal. It must be manually reset.